Static IP for a locked down network

Hey All,

I recently stumbled across xibo and decided to make the switch from my current solution. All tested well in the lab and then I send the first dscs9 out to the field and…nothing.
Turns out the provider of the ethernet only network in this location has disabled DHCP. I’ve flicked through the various player settings and I cannot find anywhere to configure static ip and gateways etc. Can anybody help?!
FWIW - this player was delivered circa 3 weeks ago and is currently running android 6. I noticed a post somewhere else about upgrading to android 7, could this possibly help? I’d rather not drive out to site to do it if it wont help but I do have another 3 boxes on the way so it could be a solution.

Many thanks in advance

Please reach out to our commercial help desk about this if you haven’t already - on of the team will be able to assist I hope.

I’m pretty sure that setting a static IP is standard android functionality though - if you go into settings, networking and show advanced options.

Hey Dan, thanks for getting back. Static isnt standard for ethernet unfortunately, not until much later droid versions anyway.
I did reach out to the team and found a way to get it done though thanks :slight_smile:
For anybody else reading this you need to use the DSC app preinstalled on these boxes.

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