Start and expiration dates attached to content. Not playlist, widget or container


Have content start and end times attached to the content. Not the playlist they are in.

User Story

We have the need to attach expiration dates directly to the content. I have been using the start and end times for content in the timeline view on our 2.0 server and it works well but a major part of our existing workflow in our current production CMS has the feature to attach the expiration date to the content itself. So regardless of what playlist, layout or widget the content is in and regardless of how many its in, the content will start and end at a specified date and time.

There are instances where one video will be in 10 playlists and will have to start and end its broadcast run at the same time. Editing those dates and times for that one video across 10 playlists is a lot of work.


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Thank you for your post.

We have plans to support the removal of media on expiry, would this be sufficient for your needs?