Default Start/End Dates for Media Files


Add default start/end dates to media files in the library in addition to the current expire date field.

User Story

We heavily utilize dynamic playlists based on tags on media files for different layouts. This allows us to easily swap out content on a daily basis. without affecting the layout/playlist or schedule. It would be great to be able to upload media files to be played back in the future based on start/end dates. Currently, this functionality exists within the playlist/layout but not associated with the media files themselves.

The ask is to be able to have a default start/end date at the media file level. When added to a layout/playlist, these default values would govern the playback window, even with a dynamic playlist. These values could be manual overridden in non-dynamic playlists.

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Hi Xibo team,

I would like to see this feature as well. Would like to see a startdate for media or layout added in a campaign. We don’t see the benefit in adding to a schedule since we are using 1 layout in many campaigns and displays. It’s either adding 1 media with start/end date or changing 100 schedules.