Splash screen on client side when player starts up

I would like to get more information on who to contact on making a donation on how to change the start up screen to a customized one. What would be the turn around time on that and will there be instruction on how to update. I would like to get something done by Wednesday, Thursday 4/6 4/7. Thanks in advance.

The Spring Signage Team writes most of the code and offers custom branding. So you can get that done and help out the project. See http://springsignage.com/become-a-reseller/

You can add your own jpg with the config options to replace the default splash screen, but you will have to this for each install. If that is an issue,I would get the custom branding done. I just ordered it myself.

If you need help making a nice splash screen, I have a Designer on my team that can help, he just made ours.

i have been looking in the player folders & I do see a screensaver but no .jpg and or config file that points to a .jpg. i am talking about the start up screen when u launch the player. where is that .jpg located in the player folder

Hello Steve,

One thing is as Derrick mentioned, we (Spring Signage) do offer White Label services which will let you customise your client (including splash screen).

If you want to only change the splash screen locally, then you can do that it Xibo Options (where you enter CMS address and key) there is ‘advanced’ tab as well, there you will find a field called ‘Splash Screen’, you can click ‘Browse’ and select a patch to your new splash screen - which should be 1080p (if that’s your resolution) .png or .jpg image.


I cannot load any layouts and that is what I only see I have scheduled layouts but none of them play/show, the layouts are able to be used, and the client is both the local computer and a laptop for testing, but both only show that screen