Spinning Gears of nothingness


I’m new to Xibo but love what I have seen so far. I managed to get a server setup on Windows (without Docker) yesterday set up a couple of layouts and then managed to kill it completely trying to sort out ZMQ.

So have started again. Server is up and everything appears to be good until you try to save some things. I’m sorry if that seems vague but let me try to explain. I can go in and create a Layout with new or existing media and save it fine. If I reopen that same Layout to edit it and try to publish it I get a message saying “Layout not found”

If you go back in again the changes have not been saved.

If you try to add an event to the Schedule nothing really happens apart from a Spinning Wheel in the OK box which just sits there.

If you then get impatient and click Save again you get more and more wheels.

This goes on until between 5 and 10 wheels it goes back to a normal save and an Unexpected Error is reported but this does not appear to be in the logs.

The same happens if you try to Collect from a display except there is no Unexpected Error, error.

I have attached an image below with multiple screen shots as I am a new user and can only post one image.

I hope that this all makes sense, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Welcome to the Xibo Community!

The first test we would advise would be to create a Layout and upload a Media item, then go and check the shared/Library location you have set up to see if the files are actually saving there. If not then you should could check the permissions are correct for that location.

Thanks for getting back to me but this progressed to another issue so I performed a Reinstall all Services and that fixed the problem.