Spaces in URLs not being accpeted

I want to show web pages on the clients, but when I got add the URL in the element, it says its not valid.

example http://Local Server/UtilArea.aspx?AreaID=9&Area=Magerle Cell

I’ve worked out it doesn’t like the space between Magerie and Cell. Is there a way around this.
(the website is provided by 3rd party)
I’ve tried quotes around the URL

Anything that works in browser should work in webpage module in Xibo.

If you do have a space there, then perhaps try it with %20 instead of a space
ie per your example


I’m fairly sure that after ?, it’s better to replace space with + than %20, but don’t quote me on that and please try with %20 if + won’t work.

Sir, you are a genius.

Thank you very much.

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