Someone can help to set up work with API (CMS version 3.0.0)?


Tell me, who uses api? In version 3.0.0 my api does not work. Can’t get access_token

I get an error because there is no certs folder with keys in the library folder:

            'publicKeyPath' => $libraryLocation . '/certs/public.key',
            'privateKeyPath' => $libraryLocation . '/certs/private.key',
            'encryptionKey' => file_get_contents($libraryLocation . '/certs/encryption.key')

Someone can help to set up work with API?

The issue has been resolved.

I generate all three files with generators, assigned permissions 600 to the files.

How to generate public and private keys RSA - Wikipedia
How to generate encryption.key Generate an encryption key  |  Cloud Storage  |  Google Cloud

Finally, I was able to get access_token without errors.

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