Some dataset external images (JPG) get interpreted as png by preview and windows player


I’m wondering why certain images gets interpreted as being PNG (that’s what it looks like to be happening)

We have a dataset with 3 rows, one of the columns is external image type.

One of them is shown correctly (.jpeg extention) and the others two not.
The one that works on preview is invoked as:

the others as I try to see the url, show this
I couldn’t analyse behaviour on client, but it exhibits same behaviour.

Any Idea?

Thank you in advance.


I understand that there is a component that can’t access the site.
This is the URL
And this is the error from error reporting module:

Rejected Request 1 to because cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: (see


After updating to 1.8.11 it seems that logging improved and then realized that error was related to certificates.
I took advantages of this feature:

and did this

Solved by Dan!