(Solved) Removing RSS items from feed


I’ve recently started using Xibo for our various information screens, and I’m really liking it so far.

My issue is:
We use an RSS feed from our website to deliver information to the Xibo displays. I use a Ticker to do this in the layout.

My issue is, when one of the posts in the feed is removed from our website, and is removed from the feed, it is not removed from Xibo. In order to “delete” an item from our Xibo feeds I need to blank out a post instead of deleting it.

I imagine this is beacuse Xibo caches the feed instead of showing it directly, but is there somewhere I can delete this cache every now and then to force it to fetch a whole new feed, without the deleted items?

Xibo 1.7.9 hosted on Debian 8 Stable / nginx php5-ftm using Windows clients.

Thank you!

You can adjust update interval
Edit ticker -> advanced -> Update Interval (default is 120min)

Please also make sure that you don’t have any really long durations on your layout - that can delay all new changes as well.