Size limit for 4K images?

Hi all,

Does anyone know what limits the CMS has for 4K images? I just received a batch of forty+ 4K images and tried uploading them to our 1.8.2 CMS, but some of them don’t display in the library or layouts.

I thought that perhaps it was a file size limit, but the CMS is setup to accept files of 128MB and even has some 1920x1080 images in the 8MB range that are fine. The 4K images are all under 7MB, most even under 5MB.

All of our displays are 1080p at this time, so I’ve just reduced the size of the pictures. Resizing has fixed them, but for future use it would be nice to know what’s acceptable for 4K.


I don’t think that’s related to the images being 4K. Your php memory limit setting is set too low I think.

Hmm, I can give that a shot. It’s set to 128MB at the moment, but I can try pushing that up. Thanks.