Size library ticker files

Hi i have a problem with the size of the library in Xibo 1.85, there many files with this name in the libary folder ticker_3a8b0ad7aafc18453a1ce7c0bb040796 and of a couple of days the libary is 54,8MB and stil growing. Can i clean up this files or stop that they are creating, I think the ticker module is making them.

Those indeed are ticker resources, at a guess you have quite a few of tickers, probably using media rss feeds.

You can remove those, but if those resources are still in requiredFiles on the players ie if tickers running on them still need them, they will be downloaded again.

Please dont delete these of your own accord, any players referencing them will start throwing errors as they cannot download the files they need.

Each file has an expiry date logged in the CMS according to the cache interval of the ticker and will be automatically cleaned up when it isn’t in use any longer (if you have maintenance running, which is recommended).

Thanx for the quick reply’s, the maintenance mode was not running. I call him manual through the browser en de files where remove and the files are cleanup and the size of de libary shrink. I will look at my hosting provider how to do this automatically by a crontab.

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Where can I set the cache cleanup period? :roll_eyes:

I’m implementing a way to compress ticker images to save space.

it is possible to achieve something around 90% and compression.