Single XMR > Multiple CMS > installations on WIndows HELP Tutorial

Hello, someone already configured for Single XMR to Multi CMS on Server in windows environment?
They could send me a totorial?

There’s no tutorial required.

You just configure all your instances to point to the same XMR private/public IP and port.

All messages are encrypted with public/private key pairs generated by the Player so while Players connected to the same XMR instance may receive messages for other Players, they aren’t able to read their contents.

Hello Alex,

I’m having trouble, I’m not getting XMR running on the tests for version 1.8.
I really do not even know where to begin to explain. I made the whole process compatible with the tutorials, but it does not work.

Please, do you have availability, can you use a windows tutorial using an XMR application for multiple CMS?

If you have XMR running for one CMS, then there’s no difference between that and using that same XMR instance from as many other CMS instances as you want.

Do you have XMR running at all? If not, what have you done so far?

I was able to solve the problem Alex, difficulty in finding the correct versions of the Dlls and Extensions.

Everything is working, if you need some support with other users in windows environment, I am available.

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I installed on windows xibo cms, and ı have one problem for xmr, when I try commandline php xmr.php ı have one problem zmqcontext error. How you can help me ?

C:\wamp64\www\ckenerji\vendor\bin>php xmr.phar
[2018-10-31 11:46:58] xmr.INFO: Starting up - listening for CMS on tcp:// [] []

Fatal error: Class ‘ZMQContext’ not found in phar://C:/wamp64/www/ckenerji/vendor/bin/xmr.phar/vendor/react/zmq/src/React/ZMQ/Context.php on line 15