Simpler schedule - Playlist of schedule

I wanna know if there’s a tools that can create like “schedule playlist” like Campains.

I want a create a “schedule playlist” that says :
Layout 1 on display 3-4 priority 1
Layout 3 on display 2 priortiy 2
Overlay 2 on dispaly 1@5

And when i’m in the schedule menu I just need to say how long I want this event to run like a normal layout/campain

So that I can fully understand this particular requirement could you provide me with an overview of your current set-up and or why you are looking for this feature?
Thank you

Each time my indoor waterpark is full I have to schedule this

Just so you understand what’s my exemple:

  • Layout name
    … Display
    ------- Comments

  • VVV_Billetterie_BoraFull_10-16_Portrait
    … Billetterie Hiver (Portrait)
    ------- Priority 1

  • VVV_Billetterie_BoraFull_10-16_Overlay
    … VVV_Billetterie_B-C_Promo
    … VVV_Billetterie_B-C_Promo
    … VVV-Hotel-Desk-01
    … VVV-Vestiaire Bora
    ------- OverlayLayout

  • VVV_Billetterie_BoraFull_10-16_
    … Billetterie extérieure

I wanna have a “playlist” that I can just schedule one event, like “BoraParc Full de 10-4” from 10am to 4 pm.

It’s not that long but I want my client service to be able to do that as well and it’s too complex for them

is that something possible?

All suggested features are discussed with the development team in detail prior to making any decisions. In the meantime could I ask how complex your layouts are? If you have just wording/images that change you could possibly use a Dataset for that which would then just involve a user editing one field in a dataset to close/open the park as needed.

I don’t know how to use the data set

DataSets come in two parts, the DataSet itself where you define the structure and record the data, and the DataSet View where you configure how your data will be presented on a Display. Changes can be made to the data in the underlying DataSet which will automatically update the DataSet view with the new data.

Please do take a look at our Manual for further information:


DataSet View

We also have a walkthrough that takes you through how to create meeting room bookings which will demonstrate the capabilities and process:

Getting Started Guide

Another suggestion would be to create 2 different schedules on 2 display groups. You could then switch the membership of the displays between the 2 groups to follow an alternate schedule?

Display Groups