Create an "event group" to make scheduling multiple layouts easier


Be able to create an “Event group”, then assign displays to the group, selecting a layout/campaign for each display, setting priority etc. This “Event group” could then be scheduled for a date/time, which would display the selected layouts on the chosen displays for the duration scheduled.

User Story

We often have Events here that use multiple displays to show related signage around the centre. The displays range in size and resolution, and often, the signage is different for each screen, so we can’t just make a display group and send a layout to it. As a result, we have to schedule many events, one for each layout and display.

We have started using Datasets to provide the information for the different layouts, but this isn’t suitable for some events and it still requires an event to be scheduled per display.

I know some similar request were made back in 2019 Simpler schedule - Playlist of schedule and Schedule Groups, but nothing really came of it. I am hoping my explanation gets the idea across better.

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