Simple php page that only shows chosen status

Is it possible to make an easy php page that only shows chosen status on all of the screens?

So you can easily check a smartphone for example. I administrate about 30 screens and I travet a lot. It’s so complicated to work with it by the normal HomePage with my smartphone.


Tadaaaa :smile:



Would you mind sharing the code of what you did for others with a little explanation?

error_reporting(0); //To avoid seeing that I am using an old SQL function
$conn = mysql_connect("user","password","") or die ("Problem"); //Connection to mySQL
mysql_select_db("database_name", $conn); //Connection to your database Xibo
$query = "SELECT * FROM display"; 
$result = mysql_query($query, $conn) or die(mysql_error()); 
if ($result) { 
echo "Svenska Batterilagret Status tv-apparater:<br><p></p>"; //The heading at the top of the page
echo "<table width=90% align=center border=1><tr> 
//Columns to be displayed
<td align=center bgcolor=#00FFFF>Index</td> 
<td align=center bgcolor=#00FFFF>Skärm</td> 
<td align=center bgcolor=#00FFFF>Licens</td> 
<td align=center bgcolor=#00FFFF>Inloggad</td> 
while ($r = mysql_fetch_array($result)) 
//Data from the table to be retrieved
$idx = $r["displayid"]; 
$f = $r["display"]; 
$e = $r["licensed"]; 
$a = $r["loggedin"];
echo "<tr> 
echo "</table>"; 
} else { 
echo "No data."; 

Sorry for my bad english, have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

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In 1.8 you’d replace this bit with an API call so that upgrades don’t break your code.

As a general point, do people think there is a “demand” for an Android/iOS app which shows this sort of “admin” data? We’ve had one planned for a long time (when I say “planned” I mean “it goes through my head occasionally”)

We would find an app for phones that can show us this information as being useful. Especially if it could alert us on the phone to a problem. I know there is currently email, but I think this would allow for better alerts and system health information much more quickly.

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I have a small problem.

For the database to be updated, if a screen is online or not, I have to log in and press “screens”.

Is it possible to cheat the system to update without logg in? Perhaps by calling any built in php file or similar?

Tnx /Nicklas

It’s uppdateing by itself then the screen go ONLINE, but not then it goes OFFLINE.


You need to ensure you’ve setup the maintenance script to run per the instructions in the CMS Post Installation Guide:

It should have been done, but I will check again.
Then I could let my php page calling the Script before I read the database, just for safe, knowing the information is updated.

It was a probleme with the maintenance script. Now its working :smile:

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