Signs Sizing on two different signs

Good Morning,

We have two signs that are two signs, and we are having issues where XIBO wants to blow up the one sign to 4 times the size of the second sign.

Our one sign is 384x192, but the second one is the same but is only showing the top left 96x48 part of the sign.

On the sign that is 96x48, we have tried to find a solution to this until we figure out what is going on, and to be honest is causing some resolution issues.

Is anyone else having this issue? And if you did and have fixed it can someone let me know how you did?

Bit of Background, When i launch the xibo player on the second sign it wont allow me to change the settings.

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Attached are the Two Screens and the issue, as you can see the second photo i have to reduce the size greatly which causes the sign to be hard to read.

Xibo player size is defined in the display profile assigned to the device in CMS, I’d not expect Windows to resize that, although if it is Windows 10 you can double check the ‘Change the size of text, apps…’ in Windows display settings and make sure it is set to 100%.

I assume both players have separate records in CMS, separate display profiles with their respective resolution set? Or actually if both should be 384x192 then one display profile is fine too - assuming those are 2 different PCs but it seems they are.

Are layouts also in this size (matching aspect ratio) and the images as well are the same?

Could you clarify that please?