Signage time out

is it possible to have a timeout function, so i have an interactive page from power bi running and then if no one has touched the power bi page , isnt used after 5 mins the signage kicks over to another signage videos , but then once the touch screen is touched it goes back to power bi.


If it’s on Windows you could use Xibo as screensaver to show other content and when someone interacts with it it could show the page you want either in Xibo player or perhaps in browser in kiosk mode.

with regards to watch guard will that run if i run it as a screen saver, as that will keep running the app

You mean watchdog? I don’t think it starts with the screensaver only with actual player.

Still if for some reason you want that disabled, then you can do that as well - The Windows Player automatically restarts itself / Windows Player Watchdog