Sign App for Philips Signage Display


Hello Support,

we would like to use small 10" touch-display’s as digital door signs and meeting room schedule displays. We are testing the Philips 10BDL3051T/00:

The benifit of the display is the integrated wall bracket, Android OS, and PoE. Xibo App is running fine and stable, but have no root access. I have contacted the Philips Support, and they wrote the following:

Root access is not allowed on our monitors.
If you did made the apk than we can give you special intents to reboot, update apk, send commands and sign the apk to get system priviliges.

Is that something you would like to work on with Philips?


well, no reply = not interessted to cooperate with Philips?


I’m sorry that got missed.

If Philips are happy to send us system signing keys, or alternatively will sign an app you send to them, then I’m sure we can arrange that.

The app is already able to upgrade itself on a system signed device, so it should be possible.

If you’d like to proceed, drop us a message over on our service desk and we can look in to it with you.


Thanks, I have opened a ticket.