Showing a video via dataset

Hello Everyone,

Needs you advice.
I have Xibo running on Win2012 (IIS) which is working properly.

I want to display a video while there is no data in the DataSet table (lets say in case if there is no events scheduled, some field is empty).

Any ideas how to get it done?

Thanks in advance,

Just to clarify - there is no way to add a video into the DataSet table (I was not able to find it).

I was able to get this with custom code:

But I can’t to stretch it to full screen… Any ideas?

This example with width=1920…

I managed!
The appropriate code is:

The video source - file placed in root of my web server


The video will be streamed from the CMS to the Player each time you play that layout. It won’t be cached Player side.

You’d also have to upload 70.mp4 manually to your webserver where it’s unprotected.

Yeah, I placed this video into unprotected directory of my web server.

Faced with a new issue…
My video is playing on a background - all others layers are on it…

How to solve this one (move on the front side the video)?