Show Layout indefinitely if playlist is empty, show for 10 seconds each time before playlist starts if playlist has content

CMS Version

Xibo Digital Signage Version 2.3.7

Player Type


Player Version

1.8-R6 Code Version 108


I created a default layout that I would like to play indefinitely while the playlist is empty. While the playlist is filled I would like to show said layout for 10 seconds each time before the playlist restarts after it ran through.
The layout in question is a logo and, below that, the digital clock with hours and minutes.
I found one kinda solution which was to pack the playlist in a separate layout, set the duration of the default layout to 10 seconds and run both of them via a campaign.
My problem is that while the default layout does show indefinitely while the playlist is empty, there is a visible reload after 10 seconds which makes the clock “blink”. That´s what I´m trying to get rid of.

I tried another layout where I merged both layouts. I display the logo and clock with a spacer of 10 seconds running one level above them. After the spacer runs out, I display the playlist. This works fine so far but it has the annoying “blink” after 10 seconds.

I tried adding another level with a spacer of 1 minute or longer, but the length of the playlist varies depending on how long the PDFs are and how many there are of them. Setting a 1 minute spacer works fine for a 20 second PDF (10 secs clock + 20 secs PDF x2) but a 30 second PDF is cut off in it´s second run.

Any tips for me on how to do this?

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