Show different text-blocks in one region

I have a layout and I want to show 5 text blocks, each for 30 seconds in one region.
I see in this examples that this can be done:

“When working with Xibo layouts, it’s important to understand how media duration affects the playback of your layout.
For example, a layout setup like this:
Layout A
Region 1: Image 1 (10s), Image 2 (10s)
Region 2: Text 1 (5s), Text 2 (2s)”

But can somebody explain me how to put more text blocks in one region and how to do the timing of the text blocks?

The top level layout overview is:
Layout has regions which have playlists which then have widgets that have widgetOptions.

You will want to create your region, add a Text widget to it, ie:

When you click on the widget name ie in this case ‘text’ it will open widget add form, in text widget case that will be general tab with the text you want to show, so you will want to enter the text you want to display, then switch to Options tab and click the ‘Set a duration’ button to enter widget duration ie:

You can also add an effect if required and save the form, then repeat that process for all text widgets you want to have in your region.

Without checking ‘set duration/’ widgets will use the default duration set for that module, if all your text widgets should be 30s and you’d rather not change that for each widget you can change the default duration instead.
Navigate to modules page → find text module and edit it → set the default duration.

Hi Peter,
Thank you for the very clear explanation. This helped me a lot!