Shedule layouts

Hi guys. I have a difficults with Shedule layouts. I have one default layouts , its play a rtsp on android client and i want to play ad in determined time,after play my rtsp again.

Example : play ad all months every day at 13:00,14:00,15:00,16:00.17:00.
When i tried Independently do it, i got a loop of my ad.
PS: Sorry for my English.

Perhaps have a look at the Scheduling pages in Manual -

For the example schedule I’d need to know what layouts you want to schedule and when exactly should they be displayed (ie layout, from, to).

Default layout will only be displayed when there is no other events scheduled.

Just as a side note, we generally recommend the default layout to be something very simple, not often changes, in most cases you don’t really want the player to show default layout unless it is downloading scheduled content or has issues displaying it.

Assuming you’re on 1.8 series CMS, you can use ‘Always’ dayparting for the layout that should be all the time and make other events scheduled at a specific time of the day (with priority if required).

I need Campaign / Layout .
I have video with duration 53 seconds (my layout duration 53 sec too) , but in “End Time” i can’t point seconds.
And if i make start time 5:30 , end time 5:31 . Does this mean that in the last 3 seconds a cycle will begin ?
Can you how only one example how exactly i must configure xibo cms for show my layout in definition time ?

You can set the seconds on Schedule New event form, you’d need to adjust the date format in CMS Settings.

so say d-m-Y H:i:s will show you seconds as well.

That being said, creating a lot of very short events isn’t ideal.

It would be much better to manipulate the durations of your layouts so the main layout(s) would have a duration close to 1 hour your ad video layout would stay as it is.
Then you’d have have a campaign with both layouts in it and scheduled that with always daypart to your player.

It would make the schedule page and schedule.xml file on the player much cleaner and would be recommended.

And still i have problems.
If i make parametrs like

then on shedule i see something like (but if i try to opne that lines on shedule i will see same like at picture 1 parametrs)
I thought that the video would scroll once every hour, but it gets hung up after the first time play.

It’s really not that feasible to have 1 minute events every hour, it would be much much better to adjust layouts durations to make that specific layout appear every hour.

That being said, it should still work, although it will create a lot of events on the Schedule page and therefore in the player’s schedule.xml file.

Looking at your schedule page it should play rtsp_rec layout all the time, and for a minute every hour it should show the ad_plus_rtsp_rec layout - I do not know what kind of content is on those layouts though.

It might clearer on the Agenda view.

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