Share permission Version 3.0.0

Hey all,
I’m testing the new version 3.0.0.
actually I’ve installed the rc3 release.

I try to share a subfolder like:


so, that the user can see the tree and only the content from the shared folder “subfolder”.
that’s not working, I’ve to share also the folder “test” without this sharing, the user don’t see the folder “subfolder”

Is it right or just a bug in the version?


Features and Sharing has replaced the current Permissions model so in order for Users to view the Folder Tree they would need that feature enabled:

Users>Features and then expand Folders and tick View Folder Tree on Grids and Forms to enable for the User

You can then right click a folder/sub-folder and assign sharing access for users.

Do let me know if this resolves this for you.

thanks for the Answer.

But that wasn’t the meaning of my Question.
Her some Screenshots.

I have three Folders Like:
There you can see the Permission for User “Schueller”, for the Folder “Layouts” as xibo_admin.

Then i have the Persmissions for the Subfolder like:

In my Opinion, the User Schueller should see the hole Foldertree but don’t have Access to see the Content from the Top Folder “Layouts”.
But he could see the Content from the Folder “test1”.

Now the Picture what the User realy see.

The Folder “layouts” is missing and in Part of that he couldn’t see the Content from “test1” what is nessesary.

Hopefully know my Question was understood :slight_smile:

Hi There,

I see what you mean, I’ve logged an issue about it, which you can track here -

We will make some enhancements to how the tree structure is represented in the full 3.0.0 release in cases, as the one you’ve described.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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