Settings.php Secret Key

Hi there,

Just wondering what does the “SECRET_KEY” does in settings.php?

I have accidentally deleted my copy of settings.php during upgrade. I have done a fresh install of 1.7.6 (same server, different database in the same localhost) to get the settings.php and changed the db variables in the file. I have uploaded it back to finish the upgrade. It seems working now at 1.7.7, but not sure if there will be any problems?

Thanks heaps

Its used in the calculation of nonces - these are temporary so changing your key shouldn’t matter.

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A secret_key is the password used by the player to connect to the cms right?

The secret_key saved in the “settings.php” file appears to be encrypted.

If I lose the settings.php file how do I recreate it with the correct secret_key?

What encryption is used, md5, sha, ???