Setting log level to "Debug" does not work

Hi again…

In another Support topic it was suggested I set log level on the CMS. I went to “Settings”, and to the Troubleshooting tab. I chose “Debug” for the Log Level and clicked “Save”. The notification showed that it was saved. However, navigating to another screen and returning to the “Settings”/Troubleshooting screen, it returned to level “Error”.


Interesting, seems to work fine for me, what browser do you use? clear cache perhaps?

Is it working if you switch debugging on Report Fault page?

I use Chrome Version 54.0.2840.99. I also tried it with FireFox (which I had never used with Xibo prior to now) and had the same problem.

The Report Fault wizard worked. So I tried (using Chrome) to set the level to “Emergency” and it saved properly. I then returned it to “Error” and it saved. I then tried “Debug” again and it did not save.

I’m happy to diagnose this if you’re interested but if not, no worries. Please let me know. I’ll now return to my other topic about the crashing MySQL. Thanks!

It would appear that you cannot set the Log Level to anything below Error unless the CMS is in Test Mode. Mine was set to Production. Once I put it into Test mode, I was able to set and save the lower Log Levels.

I don’t think that’s the case. Is this a 1.8.0-rc1 CMS?

If so, you also need to set a time in the future that logging will be activated until. Historically people set a high log level, and then forget they’ve done it. Their database then grows massively, and causes problems. We therefore get you to set a time that the higher log level will be recorded until, and then it will automatically revert back - the idea being you set a time a few hours in the future.

Thanks, Alex. Yes, this is 1.8-rc1. Great to have that detail from you about requiring the “activated until” value. Apologies if this is documented somewhere and I missed it…

It may well not be documented yet. Glad you got what you needed by other means :slight_smile: