Set the establishment's opening hours


Some establishments are closed for a few days of the week, or specific times.
What about adding a feature to set the operating hours of each player.
This way, it could not send OFFLINE warnings at these times.

User Story

Receipt of many emails stating that the player was offline, when it was actually turned off simply because the store was closed.

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Great idea!

How do you see the setting of these times configured? Would these just be times of the day or would the times be date specific (to account for public holidays etc)?
Would times need to account for different timezones, geographical locations?

  • It could be set the period the player would be off.

  • In this setting would enter Start and end time, and the days of the Week or Month that this would apply.

  • ā€œMultipleā€ settings could be made, and each could be assigned to ā€œone or moreā€ players or group of players.

  • In each definition there could be the option of repeating itself indefinitely, for x times or until a specific date.

  • I believe that the time to be considered should be the time of the player.

well, for me i have scheduled and GOOD NIGHT and a GOOD MORNING template for keeping the screen empty with just 1 image. so you just group your stores based on open and close times then set the scheduleā€¦it was my concern just as you mentionedā€¦i asked for the same feature so the watch-dog can end the player and start it again at a set time monday to friday. That helps to save bandwidth on server side. I did that to control my hosting resource overageā€¦it was very helpfulā€¦i am going to deploy xibo from my own server and will still utilize that schedule to reduce traffic and save bandwidth. I use xibo 1.7.10.

I would like to float the idea of possibly using DayParts for this? So if you could create a DayPart for open/close times, with all the functionality as is, repeats, exceptions etc. You could then select a Daypart from the Display Profile Settings to apply?

Is not daypart to set the time the video should be displayed?
In this way, if by chance the establishment is open at a time that the daypart is not set, the video will not be displayed.

What I want is basically that the player does not display ā€œalertsā€ from ā€œofflineā€ at times when it is normally closed.

I do not want to limit the display of videos at these times.

I am proposing that DayParts would have the added functionality of Open and Close time settings which can be applied to a Display Profile, so that the Player would then not send offline alerts when closed.

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