Set permissions of new displays automatically

How to automatically set new displays with permission “Everyone” to View, Edit and Delete?

When I create a user with permission “User” can not do it to view new players when added.

I would give this autonomy to the User without giving full administrator privileges.

That’s a nice feature to do :slight_smile:

This configuration can be done in own database?
Setting a default value for the field corresponding to this feature.

Could you help me locate this field for me to make the change?


I’d add the users to a usergroup to make things easier, and then add an entry to the permission table where

  • groupId = the user group id
  • entityId = 3 (the display group entity from permissionentity)
  • objectId = the display group ID from the display record (lkdisplaydg) where displaygroup.isdisplayspecific = 1

In 1.7, the table is called lkdisplaygroupgroup


Thanks, i will try.

Good Night.