Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable

Please help me urgently, my xibo server production is down

503 means “Unavailable”. Nothing in Xibo sets that error code, and any errors in Xibo itself would generate a 500, so I’d suggest that it’s something in the configuration of your webserver.

Who is is hosted with? Have you spoken to them to see if they’ve disabled your server for going over a limit or something?

I have virus , that virus has been block any remote session , I remove that virus by kaspersky but when I’m tring to access the xibo server : http:\localhost\xibo
but I’m facing that error

It sounds like there’s something still not right with the webserver itself. You could try restarting as a first attempt, and then failing that perhaps reinstall your Apache/MySQL/PHP stack.

Ensure you have a backup of Xibo before you start though so you can restore. You need a database dump, settings.php, and a copy of the CMS library.

please guide me by step by step for take the backup , please.

I’m afraid I can’t do that. There is lots of good documentation out there for taking backups of SQL databases based on the specific software you’ve chosen to use.