Server connection problem

I enter my cmc address => http://localhost/xibo
After my key => o27m04
After my local library => D:\library3
After I click on save

At the beginning he gives me this message => "Saving wth CMS … Please whait …"
And after: it gives me this message => “The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.”

I installed xibo client 1.8.2 on other pc to test another time I find the same problem it shows me messsage :
=> “Unable to connect to remote server”

If it’s on another PC, then it will not be ‘localhost’ anymore, it will probably be the IP of the PC on which you have the CMS Installed - depending on your configuration.

I know I have not put localhost on the other pc I put ip pc or I have installed cms, you can help me please c urgent

If you enter the IP or whatever you have configured, on the another PC in the normal web browser, does that work for you?

Well actually first of all, is that docker or custom/manual installation? As the instructions to allow outside connections to the CMS may vary depending on that.

I enter IP and everything and always the same problem

Could you please answer my questions from my earlier post?

it’s the same problem with mine , i’have installed manually using wamp

Just a suggestion -> Did you set the file permissions correctly on your Xibo library folder?