Sensor based content for dynamic/real time scheduling

We have a requirement as below:-
There are 3 displays each with 3 separate PCs and distinct content till an event X. We have to schedule a 4th content split across these 3 displays after an event X (and not based on a fixed start time/end time). The event X is a sensor based information. Is this possible via Xibo?

Would be probably possible in 1.8 with XMR and some integration with the API - so then it could send the info from your sensor that layout should be changed.

in 1.7
So you’d have some ‘normal’ content scheduled on your displays.
You will probably want to create a display group and add your displays to it
Create this special layout(s) for event X and schedule it to your display group with priority - you’d need to specify date start/end time though)

Is 1.8 available for download and use? When will it be available for production use?

1.8.0.rc1 is -

Full release should be very early next year - as it is we do not recommend the rc1 for production environment

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Is it possible to have this alternative on 1.7?

  1. Have the Windows Player on 1 PC, attach all 3 TVs to that computer BUT have different content on all 3.
  2. After the event X, create a single extended desktop onto the 3 TVs(using display profile).
  3. Change the CMS sourcecode to ingest schedule timings based on an API output.

Anything is possible if you have enough development time.

That’s not how it would be done in Xibo. As Peter says, you need 1.8 and XMR to do the message passing to get the content shown on the Players to react to your sensor input.

Xibo doesn’t support merging discrete screens, so the best you could do is trigger all three displays to switch to different content on your sensor input, but there would be no guarantee that they would be exactly in sync with eachother.