Send IP-based command from server, or from Android?

Hi community,

We’re using Xibo in many places using Android players. Usually we use DSDevices because we like the HDMI-CEC functionality to manage screen standby times (we have even developed a small hadrware box which passes HDMI through, but captures the HDMI-CEC “on” and “off” commands and triggers a relay switch to hard cut power from the screens and surrounding equipment like speakers, amps etc).

Now we’re facing an interesting situation, where we need to drive industrial signage projectors with Xibo based Android players, and we need to send projectors to standby and wake them up based on a schedule set in Xibo CMS. What makes it even more complex is that HDMI signals are not passed directly from the player to the projector through a cable, IP-based HDMI extenders (HDBaseT) and even an HDMI matrix are placed in between - these usually strip off the HDMI-CEC from the signal.

Additionally, the projectors don’t support HDMI-CEC, but they have an Ethernet port, which accepts various documented forms of command parameters. Either via telnet, or by http api etc. these are well documented by the manufacturer.

Xibo on Android can only execute HDMI-CEC commands as far as I know, or am I wrong? What I would need is to send something like an http get, a curl or a netcat command to the IP address of the projector. This could probably be easily doable from the server (although I’m not sure how to in the dockerized environment), but can it be done from the Android player (using DSCS9, which is rooted)? If from the server, how to set this up in the CMS?