Scrolling text using marque

Hey Guys,

Is it possible to to have Text ,marque onto the screen, stay in position then have the next part of the sentence marque in below it and so on?

So i’d have something like this:

this is the first part of the messsge,
Next part of message.
This is the final line.

I’ve been achieving it via power-point but if xibo can do this natively that would be superb!

You may want to use scroll effect for that instead, it may be more suitable for what you want to achieve.

Marquee effects will keep scrolling through the text in the widget, so it will not stop in position and then trigger the next line etc.

Could you please help me: I got couple of text objects, a simple string, and I’m trying to put them rotating using Marquee Left scroll without duration, to run each only once. But the text doesn’t fully scrolling, it just cutting and rotating to next object on timeline.
I believe it using some default region duration of 5 secs.
How can I adjust these settings so each text string will show fully and then switch to another object on the region timeline?
Thank you!

You will need to adjust the Duration and possibly the Speed of the effect to ensure the entire message is Displayed before the next item.

You can adjust the Duration and speed by Editing the Text Widgets and selecting the Options tab. The Speed and Duration best suited for your scrolling text will depend on the length of the string and how fast you would like the text to scroll.

Many Thanks.