Scrolling Text to keep looping


I have a region with some scrolling text using Marquee Left at the bottom of the screen. I want the text to scroll on a loop but if I set the region to loop it only displays text for a few seconds. If I set a duration time within the text it is guess work how long I need.

How can I get the text to just keep scrolling without setting a time?

Thank you in advance.

The speed at which the text is scrolling will depend on ‘Speed’ parameter you set.

Regarding duration, if you will set the duration higher than the time needed for it to scroll then it will be looped (no need to select loop in region option), if it is the only item in a region, then it will stay on the screen for the whole layout duration (region with longest duration) and it will keep scrolling as well, regardless of the duration you set for this item.