Scrolling enormous slowly in Xibo player

Dear developers of Xibo,

First I want to thank you immensely for all the work you have done. Xibo is really a great platform.
Now we have a little problem and we hope you guys can help us.

As Secundary school we want to show our schedule information to our students. Therefore we have created a website that automatically scrolls. When we open this website in Google Chrome for example, everything goes well.
If we link this page to Xibo player the page is scrolling enormous slowly. Do you have an idea wat is going wrong?

Could you please tell us what CMS and player version are you using?

It would be also good to make sure you have IE11 installed and that you have correct registry entries for browser emulation in the correct path in your machine - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

Dear Peter,

Thanks for the Rapid Response.
We use CMS version 1.7.4 for the player we use version 1.7.9 and Internet Explorer 11 is also installed.
Furthermore, I just checked the registry adjustments and those seem correct.
So I’m afraid it is not the solution for our problem.

Anyway thanks

Is there anyone who might have any idea.

Anyway thanks

It could be good to update the CMS to 1.7.9 as well.

If you try to open this webpage in IE11, how does it look like there?

Now we have performed the function of scrolling completely failed the CMS 1.7.9 update.
In Internet Exlorer everything seems to work fine, and of course the community website is also great to see the Xibo player.

The website url where I am talking about is the following:

Is there anyone who can help to solve this problem?

1000 times thanks

For me it does look more sluggish in IE than let’s say chrome.

In Xibo it seems to be pretty much the same as in IE - at least on my work laptop

Still I wouldn’t say that it’s enormously slow, but it does not look great in IE, while it does in chrome, perhaps there are some adjustments that can be made to the website to make it run smoother in IE, and by extension in Xibo?

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The scrolling speed is not well within Internet Explorer, Google Chrome has no problems. Is it possible to change the basic web browser to Google Chrome?

No. The Xibo Player embeds Internet Explorer only.

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Okay that’s clear, then we’ll fix it hopefully in a different way.
Thanks for all your help,

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Alex or Peter,

Are there opties in CMS version 1.8.0 for changing the basic webbrowser (IE11)?
Thanks a lot

No, only IE will be used as emulated web browser, CEF is disabled in 1.8 series as it wasn’t working as we expected and is no longer supported.

And when we use the xibo android client?

it’s using the android default WebView the version of it, will depend on android version on your android device.

We finally resolved the problem. We have removed Internet Explorer 11 and now use Edg as the default browser. Thank you for your help.