Scripting Content Management - A Brief tour of the API (with example code)

EDIT: 1.8 has a new API and a new guide here: 1.8 API Introduction

The following article is applicable to 1.7 Series.

One common use case people put forward is that they want to update a particular piece of content in a layout automatically on a schedule.

That could take the form of a video being updated on a daily basis, or an image.

Since Xibo 1.5 series, there has been a “work in progress” OAuth authenticated API for scripting actions in the Xibo CMS. As of Xibo 1.6.0-rc1, there are enough API methods implemented to do some basic layout and media management to script tasks such as these.

This article is a basic walk through showing you how to connect to the API, authorise an application to use the Xibo CMS on your behalf, a quick look at some basic API methods, and finally complete code to automatically replace a media item in a layout.

Read the full article here:

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I am looking for a Digital Signage solution. It looks XIBO could be the tool for me.

I would like to show some images (Financial charts) generated daily and always placed on the same file-location. It is JPG files.

When a new JPG version is generated, i would like it to replace the old one in my presentation on the screens.

I can see above is from May 15. Is it still the procedure still the way to go, or does Xibo provide a more userfriendly solution to my process?

If you want to automate content updates then via the API is the best way.

This guide deals with the 1.7 series CMS. 1.8 has a new API, with much greater coverage, and so this guide isn’t applicable to that.