Script Error on Video feed

I get an error on xibo when video is playing, first error I get is ‘if playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device’ and the second error message I get after that is ‘Stop running script’

Playback of video is via youtube ie Sky News

Hi Chet, welcome to the community!

Could you confirm what player platform you are using (Android, Windows, Tizen, webOS or Linux) and the version of that player?

If you have not seen this document, please can you create the Youtube video embed widget script as described here. Does the issue persists when you use that script?

Many Thanks.

Many thanks for reaching out to me, I changed the following in the HTML File on the embedded video in Xibo -

<!-- BROWSER=edge -->
<div id="player"></div>

This seems to have resolved the issue with the player constantly buffering and causing the script error.



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