Screenshots and Thumbnails Potential Issue


Running 1.8.2 docker CMS, 1.8.2 player. When I request a screenshot it is retrieved and visible as a thumbnail.
However, the thumbnail is not of the entire display area, only part of it.
Additionally, when I click on the thumbnail, I get the thumbnail in a tiny popup.
I have read in some old forum posts that this should be a full size screenshot, please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve included a screenshot of this.
The Thumbnail shows a Google page, as the layout is one region with a webpage set to Google.

My question is whether this is intended behavior?



You can set the screenshot size in display settings -> display profile -> advanced tab

If you set it to 0 then it will send it in the player’s resolution.

Thanks Peter. I’ve set the relevant setting to 0. So, now I am getting a larger resolution image.
However, it is still cutting off the right side of the screen as seen below:

Is there a different setting to adjust which part of the screen is being captured?


You mentioned that by setting the screenshot size to 0, the resolution defaults to the player’s resolution. Is that defined in the configuration schema file for the player?

I’ll do some digging tomorrow, but perhaps that would be why the screenshots aren’t the proper sizing?



Edit: So looked through the config file on the client, screenshot size is set to 0, so it should be defaulting to the resolution of the system, yes? However, it is instead cutting off the right side of the screen.

Please check the Display Scaling settings on Windows.

The “Change the size of text, apps and other items” must be set to 100%

@alex I’ve confirmed that the scaling is set to 100%.
The display resolution in Windows is 1920x1080.
The version of Windows is 1703.
The screenshot size is set to 0.
Upon closer examination of the screenshot, it is being captured at 1280x720, so I’m mostly getting the upper left quadrant with some bleed-over.

I’ve tested it here and I’m not seeing an issue.

Please can you check what is in the Display Settings profile that is assigned to the device on the Location tab?

Also please try restarting the Player and then requesting another screenshot. I’m wondering if it’s related to this:

Display Settings profile Location Tab all settings are set to 0.
Tried restarting player, restarted system and verified television was turned on while booting, requested screenshot, same issue.

Going to dig through the reg settings mentioned in the linked thread.

Thanks Alex.

Found the reg settings, determined which was the current display, also realized the client hadn’t auto-connected to the network on reboot, fixed that, rebooted with display on and am now getting the proper screen resolution in the screenshot.

So, definitely similar issue, to the linked thread.

You mentioned a proposal regarding an optional task in the watchdog to listen for screen resolution changes. Has that been implemented?

Also, I wanted to note that you and your team’s support is and has been top notch; I appreciate your work.

That hasn’t been implemented or road-mapped.

As far as I’m aware it affects specific devices rather than being a general issue, which is why it hasn’t been tackled yet.

That makes sense, but ensuring the display is powered on prior to booting the system seems to be a sufficient workaround to avoid the issue.

Thanks Alex.