Screensaver Help to Install

Hello people,

I researched and even found a tutorial and topics on sreensaver.
Unfortunately I could not make it work.

can you help me?

I copied the SRC file to the System32 directory WIndows
In the screensaver setting the option to select, but when you select appears the error screen.

Besides the help to make it work, I have other questions:
1- I want to install on all my workstations, they need to have the client installed windows or just the SRC?

2-There is how to deploy the configs by GPO?

This is how I did it :

  1. Extract the content of the xibo client download to a folder (let say c:\xibo)
  2. I teak the default confit file so the server, key, folder for the library
  3. By gpo I copy this folder to the workstation and set the screensaver to c:\xibo\xiboclient.scr.

Hello Tam Olaf.
Thank you for taking the topic.
I did not understand the item 2. Where is this config file?

There is a file default.config or config.default that old the default configuration when there is no config file (like on the first start) if you setup it then the client will auto configure on first start up.

On Monday I will be in office and can add to this my file.

Located the file, the client windows is running fine, the problem is to open the SCR. The problem continues.

I’m using Windows 10 64bit

The client and the screensaver use separate configuration files. So you need to specifically configure the screensaver using the Configuration button under the Screensaver settings in Windows to configure it - or as @tomlaf says drop the config file in via GPO.

Hello Alex .

This is the problem , you select the screensaver It appears the error to printscreen .
I can not click settings, I can not click preview. Only the error screen …

Does the same happen if you log in as an Administrator? I wonder if it’s a permissions issue.

Hello Alex.
Yes, I am testing in my notebook, this with administrator access.
Unfortunately I could not run the screensaver.
I would love to guidelines.

I was facing the same issue and find out that problem was Autocad. Coincidently Autocad scripts use .scr as extension and it changes the default application. Then I´ve restored scr to default and installed the Xibo.scr as per documentation (instead of copying it to system32 folder) and it worked.

I deassociated the scr file extension with AutoCad by going to my registry editor > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > .scr and changing its Data from ‘AutoCadFile’ to ‘scrfile’.