Screen capture, does not arrive, is only stays requested

When requesting a screenshot, I only have the confirmation in progress, but I have no return of the screen capture.
I do not know if it can be XMR configuration, because the command arrives to be sent.
I use version 2.0.3 on an android player.

Thank you for your message. Screenshots are returned using your XMR service. In the event that XMR is not working or configured, you should receive the screenshot when the Display next connects to and checks in with your CMS on the next Collect Interval.

Can you confirm the following:

  • How long you have been waiting for the screenshot for and how long you have set the Collect Interval to for your Display?
  • What version of the Xibo for Android Player you are using?
  • Is this a Docker installation or Custom?
  • Have you configured XMR?
  • Are there any errors in the Logs for that Display? If yes, please pass them on.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan, Thanks for the quick response, I delved into the community topics yesterday, and I saw that my collection time was too high, after adjusting it, everything was solved! tks! : D

Excellent! Great to hear the Community topics provided a solution. There’s a lot of posts out there and you’d be surprised how many solutions to new posts already exist on the forum. I hope your CMS is now working as you would like.

Many Thanks.

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