Scheduling problems

Hi guys,
if i have a schedule that is set for 3 screens,
when i remove from one screen it is removed from the others as well, why?
These screens are not part of any screen groups.

Here is what happens,
i pick 3 screens and create a schedule for.
after a while i decide to remove the schedule from one of them by picking the screen and once it is removed from the screen i picked, it is automatically removed from the others too.

If you delete a schedule, regardless of the displays you have selected in the Schedule screen, it will delete the whole schedule for all displays in that schedule. The delete message warns of this:

If you want to remove just one display from a schedule, edit the schedule and remove the display from the list of selected displays in that schedule, then save.

Hi Alex,
I do not see this pop-up message “Delete Event”.

I have deleted under the screen i did not open the schedule and remove the screen from the schedule.

How do you mean “Deleted under the screen”?

Please provide exact steps that you’re taking.

Go to scheduling screen, select the screen and remove the schedule under it by double clicking and opening.

I will next time just remove the screen from the schedule not the schedule itself.

That is where that screenshot comes from, assuming you’re using a 1.8 CMS.

When you edit a schedule, its one entity. You’re editing it for all displays on which its scheduled. If you delete it, then you delete it from all displays.

If you want to remove just one display, then remove it from the list of displays that that schedule is set on inside the edit form, and save.

will do, thanks :grinning: