Scheduling not working - Error message available

Hi all,

I’m just starting to work with Xibo and playing around with schedules.
For the moment the scheduling is not working as expected. My client only shows the template that has been used during startup but is not changing as planned in the schedule.
From “Client Information and Status” Tool I see an error. I’ve already searched the forum for this message but could not find anything.

Thread: ScheduleManagerThread
Type: Error
Message: Agent threads/XMW is dead, not updating status

The Tool itself states the XMR Status “Connected to tcp://myserver:5555. Waiting for messages.”

Can anybody help me with this fault?

I assume that’s 1.8.2 CMS/player versions?

Is it docker or manual/custom installation?

XMR seems to be incorrectly configured, could you tell me what do you have in private/public xmr address in CMS settings?

Although even without XMR scheduled event should work (but it will be downloaded by the client according to your collection interval setting)

Hi Peter,

yes - it’s a 1.8.2 CMS environment. The System is running on a XAMPP Server.
The private address is “tcp://localhost:5555”, the public address is “tcp://”
I’ve configured a collection intervall of 1 minute for the moment.

Once the Schedule was working now, I didn’t had the message in that moment. But now it stucks again, message came up again.

Find below a screenshot if my schedule. It’s after 15:00 but “Standard FullHD” Template is still running instead of “Nightmode”.

Thank you

But the Client shows a different schedule:

(Sorry for the second posts, but I’m only allowed to show one picture per post.)

I’m not sure if you want those to run on the same port, is it also configured in config.json?

I assume that layoutid3 that’s Standard FullHD layout?
Could you open schedule.xml (it’s in the player library) and see how does it look like there?
It should have information about both scheduled events

Yes, it’s also configured in the config.json. I can try to change the outgoing port.

layoutid3 is the “Standard FullHD” one. Right.

I’m checking the XML file.

I think i could find the problem for the wrong schedule, but I don’t really understand it.

Changing the Dayparting Configuration that is used in my event it happens the following: There’s a new event created in the calendar.
What is the idea behind this functionality?

I changed the outgoing port in the configuration and also in the json file, but I still get this error message.

I have the same problem, i ask how you resolve the problem? thanks