Scheduling Layouts bug: Calendar View and Configured Date & Time not matching

I have a problem with Xibo: after having scheduled a layout in the CMS, it seems not working properly. I mean: if I set the Start and End date & time for the layout, when I open the Calendar View, I see it scheduled differently in terms of date and time. (And on the client, it follows the Calendar View of course.)
I’m attaching some screenshots that shows the bug (in Italian for now, because it’s my CMS language, but I can translate everything if it’s needed).
My Xibo version is 1.8.9 on Docker, and I’m quite a newbie about Xibo in general.

Thank you in advance for any help supplied!

The issue was answered on the Xibo Help Desk. The Schedule Calendar is correctly showing the Schedule the User has created, the issue is how the Event has been set up.

The Event was set to show the Layout from 11/2/19 @ 00:15 until 14/2/19 @02:30, which is a display time of 3 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes. Because this event was set to repeat every day, this was causing a new repeat to be created every day at 00:15, which would then display for 3 days. This meant that after 3 days, there will be up to 4 overlapping repeats running for this event. You can see the build up of Repeats on the Calendar as the days progress.

Also because the Repeat until date was set to 15/2/19 @ 01:00, the last repeat was created at 00:15 on 15/2/19, which would then run for 3 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes, meaning the actual end date of the Event would be 18/2/19, as shown on the Calendar.

Many Thanks.