Scheduling events with repeats : Save button not working

Hi there !

I have a problem on the latest version 2.2.1 with the repeats on an event.

When setting a repeat like the one below :

When clicking “Save”, the event is not created

When clicking “next”, the event is created normally.

It seems like a bug to me.
Can you confirm ?

Thanks by advance.

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Can you please confirm if you installed Xibo using Docker or if not, share the details of your environment?thank you.

We also recommend that you clear your cache and try again to see if you’re not getting an error message about this recurring schedule.

Please check the CMS>Logs as well to see if any error is recorded when you try to save this schedule.

Thanks for the quick reply !

Clearing the browser’s cache solved the problem.
Feeling dumb now not having thought about this before posting.

Thank you so much @nell

Happy new year !

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You’re very welcome and don’t worry it happens to all of us all the time : blame it on the cache haha!

Have a great year as well :slight_smile:

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