Scheduling behaviour in CMS 1.8.11

Hi all,

I found some weird behavior in CMS.
Currently I’m trying to put a schedule of a campaign with 3 minutes duration.
I want to play it every 30 minutes for some period of time.
So in between I expect Xibo Android will display default campaign in between.
The schedule is for 18 - 25 Jan.
So I set
the start date to : 18/01/2019 00:00
the end date to : 25/01/2019 00:00
and in the repeat section:
repeats : per minutes
repeats every : 30
repeat until : 25/01/2019

but when I see in the calendar it shows as follow:

anything I miss?

I expect the repetition would be until 25/01/2019.

additionally I see in the display that the campaign doesn’t stop after 3 minutes to display the default layout.

Generally it would be better to create a campaign with the layouts you want to show and adjust layout durations (or add some layout more than once), so that the layout you want to show every 30 min would naturally come up.
You’d schedule that campaign with always daypart, then on 25.01 you’d remove that layout from your campaign. That way that would create just one event in the schedule.

You can also create the repeating event, as you tried to do, however the start/end dates you’ve provided are not correct for what you wanted to achieve.

You’d schedule that layout/campaign say
start 08:10
end 08:20
repeat every every 30min

That will work as you want, however it will create a lot of events in the schedule, that’s one of the main reasons what I mentioned in the beginning of this post would be a better solution.

Dear Peter,

So for example if I want to use dayparting,
I need to create a new daypart schedule with start time 06.00 and stop time 21.00
so in my new schedule, I just need to select daypart for each day until 25.01?
do I need to put repetition on this one?

I’m still a little bit confused with the correct scheduling of different medias with different duration in each month