Scheduling alternating layouts


I have scheduled a Display Group to swap between layouts at designated times:

07:00 - 09:00 (scores)
09:01 - 10:20 (normal)
10:21 - 10:40 (scores)
10:41 - 12:20 (normal)
12:21 - 13:50 (scores)
13:51 - 15:00 (normal)
15:01 - 23:50 (scores)

I’m using the repeat function as I want this schedule to run indefinitely and not manually schedule 7 events a day, surely this is possible?

However, it appears as though the layouts will just change before their scheduled time, usually after they have finished playing their media. Both layouts are just an MP4 file with duration left as 0. How can I reliably make the player play a specified layout on time and prevent changes before this time?

Do you have 2 layouts in total there? (id 2 and 9)

If so, you could leave ‘normal’ layout as a default layout for your player and then schedule the other layout at the specified timeframes with repeat daily (assuming that each day the schedule should look the same of course).

Hi Peter,

I have two layouts 2 and 9.

I believe i’ve managed to get this working in the end before I saw your post:

  1. Schedule each part of the day as repeating Once Per Week and select each day Mon-Fri.
  2. Start and End day must be the same day.
  3. Time periods cannot overlap by even 1 minute.
  4. Each region has duration explicitly mentioned and loop ticked on region and options.

Hopefully this will help someone if they have the same problem.