Schedules messed up after update to 1.8.6

I have justed installed the update 1.8.6 ( docker on Linux ) and all schedules are messed up

a lot of entries are duplicated and have “daypart” settings i.o. custom settings


Messed up how? Where are you seeing duplicates?

1.8.6 would have inserted 2 new day parts - Custom and Always, so that dayparts can be correctly managed going forwards.

If you had any trouble upgrading it might be that these were inserted twice? That would cause duplicate events - but shouldn’t happen on a straight upgrade.

Perhaps you could also clear your cache, just to make sure you’re running the latest client side app.

after some more investigation (after the panic), it seems that out of 20 diplays only 3 schedules look strange.

I adjusted them manually so case closed for me.

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OK great - thanks for letting us know.

Still one question about this , why can admin use daypart “Always” and “Custom” and user cannot ?

Already set permission for dayparting but the user cannot select “Always” or “custom”

Hmm, this is an oversight - we will get it fixed asap

To work around the issue you can run the following SQL in your DB container:

INSERT INTO `permission` (entityId, groupId, objectId, view, edit, `delete`)
  SELECT entityId, groupId, dayPartId, 1, 0, 0
   FROM daypart
    CROSS JOIN permissionentity
    CROSS JOIN `group`
  WHERE entity LIKE '%DayPart' AND IsEveryone = 1 AND (isCustom = 1 OR isAlways = 1);

Instructions for doing that with Docker are available here: How can I run a SQL command when using a Docker Install?