Scheduled layouts in campaigns not changing

Hi Good Day,

I have a scheduled campaign with three layouts. The campaign worked as normal and would change between layouts as expected. However, recently it has just stopped and it won’t move from the first layout. What can be the cause of this?

I think I have the same problem and have reported it already.
In my case, the campaign runs once and then stays running only one of the layouts in loop.
Before they will find the problem, I have tried to add a 4th and 5th layout. In my campaign it now plays #1 and #2 and then #5. It could be a workaround before the team behind Xibo will hopefully fix it.

As an update for you both, I am currently testing the campaign issue you have both mentioned on my setup.

Can you both confirm the CMS and Player versions you are using?
Can you also both confirm how long it took for the issue to occur and whether you made any changes to the Layouts/Campaign before the issue started?

Any other relevant information you may have would also be appreciated. As soon as I can replicate the fault, I will update this post.

Many Thanks.

I think, I realised the issue first in 1.8.9, it is the same in 1.8.10 and 1.8.11.
Android Player version is also the latest.

I always develop new content and layouts, so I can’t really say when it happens the first time. I first thought it happened when the calendar module was implemented.
On my player, the campaign runs once complete after starting or restart and then stucks on one layout when using 3 layouts in the campaign.

Thank you for the information. Would you be able to post a screenshot of your Edit Event page, including the repeat tab?

Many Thanks.

This one?

To open the Edit Event window, click on one of the icons on your calendar. It is the screen that opens that is of interest to me, as well as the repeats tab that is also on the Edit Event window.

If you could do this for both of the Events that are scheduled for this player, that would help to understand where the issue may be coming from.

Many Thanks,

Thank you for the screenshots, I can see that you do not have the Repeats tab in your current CMS version. Can you confirm the version this is?

Also with the above Events, are they both Campaigns or is one of them a single Layout? If possible, can you send me an image of the Preview Campaign Page for both of these scheduled Campaigns? To view this, select the Campaigns option in your CMS, click the down facing arrow at the end of the Campaign row and choose Preview Campaign. It is this page that I will need to see.

Many Thanks.

The Repeat Tab is there if I change from Always to Custom in the Dayparting. But its ‘always’ on.
The version is 1.8.11
The Overlay is a single layout, the other is a campaign.
I use five layouts in this campaign, because then it plays #1, #2 and #5 as I mentioned above.

I wrote a lot messages with Peter, maybe he can share all these informations with you.

Thank you for providing the screenshots. I will continue to try to replicate the issue.

Many Thanks.

Hi Guys,

What I realised worked for me, in my scenario, was to save the campaign. Apparently, just saving the layout changes weren’t enough, so I opened my campaign and just saved it and it seems that the updates were sent and the layouts began changing again.