Schedule VS Default layout


Currently I have default layout a black screen that plays while a business is closed … Everything else is independent layouts, then everything scheduled within a campaign. is this the best way to setup ? I have layouts that have very custom data feed’s and such, so tricky to replicate in individual layouts for each location.


It depends on personal preference and what you are trying to achieve as to whether this is the best setup.

You mentioned you have a default layout of a Black screen. As long as the default layout has at least 1 region and any regions in the layout contain at least 1 media item, you can set this to be whatever you would like. Please note that the Default Layout is shown only when no other Events have been scheduled for the Display.

Regarding the use of individual Events scheduled for your Displays or a Campaign, this is down to preference but if you have a lot of Layouts that you would like to set to show on your Display and the order they will show in does not need to change often, then you will likely find that this is the best solution for you.

Many Thanks.


Many thanks. If player looses internet connection how long is default to play schedule without updating ?
Anyway to change the length to a longer time ?


The Player will retain schedule information for up to 2 days from the date it lost connection. This cannot be modified on the Player.

Many Thanks.