Schedule time limitation


Is it possible to set maximum schedule time. For example 30 days. And to alert user that if provided schedule exceeds this period?

Grzegorz Drzewiński

To set a maximum time a Layout will display for, create an Event as you normally would but set the Dayparting to custom. You can set the Start and end time of an Event in the below fields.

When you set the Dayparting to Custom, you will also see a tab named Repeats. You can set how many times per Minute/Hour/Day/Week/Month/Year you would like the event to repeat. This option also provides an Until field which can also be used to set an end date for your Event.

Many Thanks.

Thank you @DanBW for quick answer, but I was thinking about something else. Maybe I haven’t describe my problem correctly.

I’d like to display alert when user is creating event with custom duration and when the end date is relay distant (accidentally it was 25.09.2918 in my case). Is there such possibility in system configuration? Probably not, but I might overlook this.

My apologies for the misunderstanding. This functionality is not part of Xibo, Events can be Scheduled for any length of time and a limit cannot be set.

If this is a feature that you would like to suggest for Xibo, you are welcome to create a post in the Features section of our Forum. I cannot guarantee that all suggestions will be included in in future releases but all posts are considered.

Many Thanks.