Schedule suggestion: constant running layout, with regular short recurring layouts

I’m finally getting slightly more acquainted with this interesting (and very flexible!) system.

I was thinking of having a default layout that says something about the player hardware, like “this is the default screen for the Xibo player called Reception_01. Nothing scheduled at the moment”
So I call it default_Reception_01 and define that as a default layout for that display.

But that layout should preferably never be visible for the viewers, instead i want a layout that is constantly running, that says “welcome to our organization”. At the moment that has no animation or anything. We can call this welcome_layout

On top of that i want a recurring welcome-screen to come now and then to greet specific visitors: “today we welcome Hank Scorpio from Globex Corporation”. This is called visitor_greeting . But preferably i only want that one to be visible for it’s duration, which is now 20 seconds.

How do i preferably set this thing up? I’ve tried using repeats in the schedule. The visitor_greeting is then shown from , say 0800 to 0801 with repeats every 2 minutes, until 1700 that day. But this apparently makes it run for the whole minute. I’d like more of a one-shot of 20 seconds.

So in short:
What kind of event should welcome_layout be, and what kind of event should visitor_greeting be?

was wrong again, my question still stands as asked…

To answer myself, i read some more on the forum and realized i could actually define this repeating layout in seconds, once i had defined the date format correctly in the CMS. That way i could have this thing running for 20 seconds every 2 minutes.

But according to this forum post its sub-optimal to have each one-shot thing defined in the calendar

I should probably learn about campaigns